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finished playing final fantasy xiii yesterday (finally! ahaha.)

favorite character: hooooooope. he’s adorable, he grows so much, and his relationships with lightning and snow and vanille warm my heart. also, his idle chocobo-riding animation is so ridiculously cute.

(also, hope, where does your boomerang go. every single character has a logical weapon storage thingy except for you. why does it look like you just shove a folded meter-long boomerang down the back of your pants. that can’t be comfortable, hope.)

(also, the scenes where all six of them prepare to fight boss battles never fail to be hilarious to me, because you'll have lightning holding her gunblade and sazh with his guns and so forth, looking fierce and intimidating--and then there's hope with his bright yellow boomerang. oh hope.)



Oh wow, I haven't used color pencils in a really, really, really long time. (I mean, traditional, non-watercolor pencils.) Before this particular drawing, the last time I uploaded something rendered in color pencils was back in 2011 (!!!).
Things I learned:
1. Sharpen your color pencils.
2. Don't feel bad about wasting the colors or such nonsense. Sharpen your color pencils.
3. Having a good sharpener is important.
4. Watercolor paper is really good for color pencils.
5. White color pencil is the best, most important color pencil.