wolfram + yuuri

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Even though I perfectly knew that we were both guys, being pursued by such a beautiful boy like him still caused my heart to skip a few beats. At times like this, the most effective solution was to avoid looking at his face and keep chanting “He is 82 years old” like a mantra. - MaruMa volume 3

A few things:
1. This isn’t quite how that scene went, but this is the mental image that I got when I read that part in the novel. Oh, Yuuri.
2. Speaking of, I'm enjoying the novels very much.
3. Wolfram's hair is shaded green, yes. When I was coloring the thing, I initially went for yellow-orange-red violet as I usually did, and my internal conversation went as follows:
"Orange? Again?"
"Well, what else am I supposed to shade blond hair with? Green??"
4. Ears drawn following this tutorial.



“You’re the one who came to catch me, but you don’t want to let me catch you?”

A few things:
(1) That scene! >.< "I'm your fiance!" gosh darn it.
(2) Wolfram is so pretty in the manga. (I mean, Wolfram is always pretty, but manga!Wolfram is something else.)
(3) 'Wolfram' is such an awesome name. Badass-sounding and scientific at the same time!
(4) Currently reading the Maru-Ma novels (aka the light novel series that the Kyou Kara Maou anime is based on) and really enjoying it so far. Yuuri is so much fun in the novel, and I adore his and Wolf's interactions.


luca milda ToI's Luca Milda!

Approx. 12 hours into Tales of Innocence and I really like it so far that horrific ashihara dungeon level notwithstanding.

AKA taking a break from playing ToI by drawing ToI.

(I’m not sure which bit is better: (1) that shy, weak-willed Luca’s weapon of choice is a certified BFS, or (2) that it was given to him by Iria in the first place, implying that the entire time on the run she’d been lugging around a sword taller than she was.)