wolfram + yuuri

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Even though I perfectly knew that we were both guys, being pursued by such a beautiful boy like him still caused my heart to skip a few beats. At times like this, the most effective solution was to avoid looking at his face and keep chanting “He is 82 years old” like a mantra. - MaruMa volume 3

A few things:
1. This isn’t quite how that scene went, but this is the mental image that I got when I read that part in the novel. Oh, Yuuri.
2. Speaking of, I'm enjoying the novels very much.
3. Wolfram's hair is shaded green, yes. When I was coloring the thing, I initially went for yellow-orange-red violet as I usually did, and my internal conversation went as follows:
"Orange? Again?"
"Well, what else am I supposed to shade blond hair with? Green??"
4. Ears drawn following this tutorial.